Hunting in Burkina Faso

Burkina Faso offers hunters the following Big and Small game species:

Primary Species:


With probably the highest density of lion in Burkina Faso in our concession, our lion hunters enjoy close to a 100% success rate! This is especially remarkable given that baiting is not allowed in Burkina Faso and lions are only hunted by tracking. Hunting a wild lion up close and personal provides for a very exhilarating experience which is sure to rank among your best hunting experience of all time. Genetically lions in Burkina do not grow large manes.


West African Savannah Buffalo (Buffle)
While slightly smaller in body size to the Cape buffalo, the West African Savannah buffalo offer an identical hunting experience. Fresh tracks are first located and then the hunters must track the herd or individual buffalo that they are after keeping the wind in mind at all times. Your local professional hunter and tracking team are masters of the art of tracking and will work hard so that you secure a good trophy. In Burkina the West African buffalo range from reddish orange to a solid black color and different color animals may be encountered in the same herd.  


The solid black colored buffalo are the larger of the two with greater body and horn mass. The pure red buffalo tend to be more petite and also have a slightly different horn configuration to the black buffalo. Similar to Cape Buffalo, these buffalo are extremely tough and can absorb multiple well placed shots from a large caliber rifle such as a 375 H&H or bigger, so are not to be taken lightly. Our buffalo hunters have a 100% shot opportunity during the course of their hunt.

Western Roan (Koba or Hippotrague)
Burkina Faso probably has the highest concentrations of Roan in West Africa and in our concession hunters can expect a 100% shot opportunity. Large herds are frequently encountered. However a good mature bull will often be found on his own or in a smaller group. These are big bodied, tough antelope so use a premium bullet in a large enough caliber.


Big Game Species:


Sing Sing / Defassa Waterbuck (Kob Defassa)
Slightly smaller than the common waterbuck the Defassa or Sing Sing waterbuck is a chocolate colored antelope. Rugged and handsome looking they are found in herds ranging from a few animals to over a dozen at times. With some effort hunters can expect to take a good trophy as they are fairly common in our concession.


Harnessed Bushbuck (Guib Harnache)
A pretty medium-sized antelope the Harnessed Bushbuck is an elusive animal and a good trophy will be the pride of your trophy room. They are found in pairs and often on their own. Riverine bush and other likely places will be targeted for hunters looking to get a good trophy. Top SCI record book trophies have been taken in our concession.


Western Hartebeest (Bubale)
Larger than the Red Hartebeest, the Western Hartebeest is a beautiful sub-species of Hartebeest. They sport much larger horns and are found in small herds. While not numerous in our concession a hunter looking for one can expect success over the course of his hunt.


Western Kob (Kob de Buffon)
Kob are numerous in our concession. They are a larger and more heavily built antelope then the Southern Impala with smaller horns. Over the course of your hunt you will see several herds; it’s a matter of finding a good mature male that presents you with the right shot opportunity during the course of your hunt.


Nagor Reedbuck (Redunca)
West African Reedbuck are a smaller species of reedbuck. The horns are smaller than the Southern species of reedbuck and horns that curl forward are a sign of a good trophy. Top SCI record book trophies have been taken in our concession.

Small Game Species:

Oribi (Oribi)
Excellent Oribi trophies are taken each year in our concession. Numerous animals will be seen on your safari, but they are a target of opportunity and some quick shooting is required to obtain a good trophy.


Red Flanked Duiker (Cephalophe)
Not always available on quota or common in our area.


Grimms/Western Bush Duiker (Cephalophe)
As with Oribi these small antelope are also abundant in our concession. A hunter will see them more or less on a daily basis.


Warthog (Phacochere)
Warthog in Burkina have large bodies but do not have large tusks like their southern cousins.


Kori Bustard (Outarde)
A seasonal species. A target of opportunity.


Olive Baboon (Cynocephale)
A hunter who wishes to shoot one will be able to get a good mature male.