General Information

Getting There:
From North America, fly to Paris, France and take a connecting flight to Ouagadougou, the capital of Burkina Faso. On arrival our English speaking ground staff will meet you at immigration to assist you with clearing your guns and complete other formalities, before taking you to your hotel.


You will be picked up early morning the next day for the 7 hour drive to camp on good roads, in a comfortable air conditioned 4WD vehicle. Air France is probably the best carrier to use as they have daily flights from Paris to Ouagadougou. If you need help with booking flights please contact Steve Turner at and mention that we sent you.

Visas and Paperwork:
Yellow fever vaccination is mandatory to enter Burkina Faso. In addition a Malaria Prophylactic is also strongly advisable. Proof of your yellow fever vaccination is required to apply for a visa to travel to Burkina Faso. Please remember to take proof of your Yellow Fever vaccination as they check this on arrival in Burkina Faso. In the United States visas can be obtained from the Burkina Faso consulate in Washington DC at or New York, telephone 212 308 4720.


Rifle and Shotgun Permits:
We need the make, model, caliber and serial number of your firearms at least 6 weeks in advance to procure your gun permit ahead of time. Rifle permits 120 euros. Shotgun permits 100 euros. 40 rifle cartridges are allowed in total. 12 gauge shotgun ammunition is available locally.


Rifle Calibers:
The single best caliber for all hunting in Burkina would probably be the tried and tested 375 H&H. One of the 416s or larger for buffalo paired with a 300 magnum caliber loaded with premium bullets for roan and the other antelope will also make a good combination.


Hunting Licenses:
Big game hunting license 400 euros. Small game hunting license 250 euros. Both licenses are required if hunting Big and Small game species.


Bird Shooting:
Some rough shooting for dove, sand grouse, francolin and guinea fowl is available. Wing shooting safaris can also be arranged in a different area before or after your big-game safari.


Hunting Season:
The hunting season runs from 1st December to 31st May. Until about the end of February the weather is very pleasant with moderate temperatures during the day. March onwards brings the hot dry season, however the hunting is excellent as the game is concentrated around the waterholes.


Professional Hunter and Team:
Your hunting team will consist of a local Burkina Professional hunter assisted by a tracker, driver and a translator for non- French speaking hunters. The local Professional hunters are very experienced and cannot be surpassed in their knowledge of finding game and hunting skills.

Planning your Burkina Faso Safari
Download this file for more information on planning your safari, what to expect and tips for a successful hunt.
Planning your Burkina Faso Safari.pdf
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