A TV episode of Petersen's Hunting Adventures featuring Craig and Donna Boddington hunting for Western Savannah Buffalo, Western Roan and Nagor Reedbuck.

Slideshow of the camp and hunting for Savannah Buffalo, Western Roan & other species.

Below are some videos filmed by trackers using their cellphones. They are therefore not of the best quality but serve to illustrate the quantity of game, the kind of terrain and hunting conditions.

While out hunting our client came across this wonderful sight of a big male lion that had just killed a young buffalo. As you can see from the video it was quite bold and continued to feed despite the noise of the vehicle and hunters. The lion quota in Burkina has been cut down to under 10 lions per year and it holds the largest population of Western lions. These trophies can no longer be exported to the US and EU but they are allowed to be exported to other countries. Hunters dollars pay for lion conservation, without which lions have no value and will be poisoned by the local herders once they start killing their livestock. 

We saw this huge herd of over 100 Western Savannah buffalo after the client had already taken his buffalo. They were crossing from the hunting area into Arly National Park. While this is an exceptionally large herd, herds of 40+ animals are not uncommon as well as solitary dagga boys. A savannah buffalo hunt is very similar to a cape buffalo hunt and they are just as tough. A large caliber rifle 375H&H up shooting good bullets is what is recommended for these tough animals. The hunting in our concession is not that difficult thanks to a good network of roads which cuts down the amount of walking so it is perfect for older hunters.

This amateur video was taken by one of our translators while accompanying a client on his hunt. As can be seen from the video the hunters got to spend a lot of time amongst the herd before selecting the right animal they wished to take. The prefect finish to a great buffalo hunt.

Buffalo taken in the above video